• What Exists In The Dark Space Between Solar Systems?

    Many people think that space is a vacuum, but that's actually a misconception. What exactly exists between solar systems?


  • Is The Government Going To Ban E-Cigs?

    Since vaping has only been on the market since around 2003, it's hard to say whether or not vaping is actually safe. But could it be banned?

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  • What Is The 'Arab NATO' and Can It Stop Terrorism?  

    The Gulf Cooperation Council was created as a defense against the Iran-Iraq War, but today it combats terrorism. How effective is the GCC?

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  • How Breaking Up Is Like Drug Withdrawal To Your Brain

    Breakups can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but what happens to your brain when you fall out of love?


  • Who Really Made You A Smoker?

    Despite the anti-smoking ads and constant peer pressure talk, studies show that it may be much more than peers who get you to start smoking.

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  • Predict Randomly Chosen Cards over the Phone!

    A deck is shuffled, cut, and a card is pulled at random. Brian calls up a friend, but can he guess the card?

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  • Could A Human Ever Survive With A Pig Heart?

    Scientists may have just found an alternative to human organ donation that could save millions of lives. What is xenotransplantation?


  • Is DNA the Future of Data Storage?

    Computer scientists have designed methods for translating digital code into DNA code. That means data can be stored in a strand of DNA.

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  • The Futile Pursuit Of A Safe Cigarette

    Public outcry for a "safe" cigarette didn't really start until around the 1950s when people started to learn the health effects of smoking.

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  • The Pleasure of Kissing

    We know that kissing is pleasurable but the reasons why are a little mysterious; it may have a lot to do with feeling accepted.

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