• The Four Biggest Myths About U.S. Immigration, Debunked.

    Let's stop the lies once and for all.

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  • Vintage Space has a Patreon Page!

    Love Vintage Space? Consider becoming a patron!

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  • How Powerful Is Kurdistan?

    Kurdistan has a strong military and a population of over 25 million people. But is the region powerful enough to gain independence?

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  • Mucus, We Love You.

    Your body produces over a liter of mucus a day, here's why that's actually a good thing.

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  • What Really Causes A Food Coma?

    Nothing sounds better than taking a nap after eating a huge meal, but what triggers that feeling?


  • Diamonds In Space?

    Scientists believe that Neptune and Uranus have solid cores surrounded by an icy mantle of water with diamonds floating in that water.

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  • How Independent Are Native American Reservations?

    In the 1800's, the US government established reservations for Native Americans with sovereign authority. Who controls these tribal lands?

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  • The Spring Set Move

    Brian unboxes the exclusive Arcana deck and teaches a simple one-handed card reveal!

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  • How Much Do Americans Consume On Thanksgiving?

    We eat a lot of turkey, I mean A LOT. How much? Find out here!


  • Yes, Turkeys Are Fatter Than They Used To Be

    Turkeys are ridiculously big these days. Here's how turkeys have changed over the years and what you can do about it this holiday.

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