You Do As I Do

Create an unbelievable coincidence!

The effect: Grab two decks of cards. You hold one, and the sucker holds the other. Both of you shuffle your cards until you're both certain that neither of you could possibly know the order of any of the cards. To make sure there's no funny business, you even swap decks. Then each of you cut to a random card in your respective decks, and complete the cut (making sure to remember your card). Finally, each of you take back your original deck and pull out the card you selected earlier. On the count of three, each of you turn over your cards to reveal that, incredibly, both of you picked the exact same card!

The method: While this looks like a completely new effect, the method is one familiar to long-time viewers of Scam School: back in episode 25, we taught you all about the key card, and now you have a killer trick to use with! Follow all the process exactly as detailed above, only before you swap decks, make sure to note the bottom card in the deck (your key card). When each of you cut to a random card, pay no attention to your card, but instead keep thinking of your key card. Finally, when you get back your original deck, run through the cards, locate your key, and then pull out the card underneath it (which will be their card). And just like that, you've got a miracle!