Word Play

Think you are good with words? What if I took a bunch of letters and ripped them away from the alphabet could you still spell words? Let's find out?

The Setup: Find any two people at the bar, and find out which of the two is the better wordsmith. Give them both 90 seconds to think up as many words as they possibly can without the letters A, B, C, or J, K, M, or P.

The Bet: After the wordsmith takes his turn, offer a twist: not only will you bet that Ms. not-good-with-words will win, but that she'll be able to come up with 50 words in less than 90 seconds. You'll help her only by contributing five words to her list.

The Twist: Once Mr. Wordsmith says "go", look Ms. not-good-with-words in the eyes, and carefully start listing your first five words: "One," "Two," "Three," "Four," and "Five." She should immediately figure out where this is headed, and continue to count off numbers all the way up to fifty... winning the game!