The Watch Steal

Blow their minds when you steal the watch right off their wrist!

FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY... and don't keep the watch. That would be illegal.

Dan Martin's back with more crimes and misdemeanors... this time, teaching us how to steal watches right off the wrists of our friends, without them even noticing!

Watch the full episode for details, but remember a few things:

Come up with a distracting trick that allows you to grab their wrists.

Squeeze tightly, and move their hands around a lot.

It doesn't matter if it's a real trick or not, as long as they're engaged by what's IN their hands, instead of what's on their wrists.

To pull the watch off

1 -- swipe your thumb down to pull the strap out of the loop, and pull back the hasp. Keep holding tightly.

2 -- use your thumb to flick back the hasp (so it won't get caught in any more holes)

3 -- in one motion, squeeze their wrist and lift your hands away, taking the watch with you.

Because of the tight squeezing (and the distraction of the trick), they will continue to feel as though their watch is still on their hand... right up until you reveal their stolen watch!!

Thanks as always to Dan Martin for giving us a hand; make sure to check him out at!