Russian Roulette with Vodka!

This week we've got special guests from PC Gamer magazine and we're learning a *killer* mental trick.

The Setup: 6-10 perfectly identical shot glasses are set up, all in a row. All but one are filled with water. The last is filled with Vodka. To make sure there's no funny business, you even hold out the vodka shot and have the spectator sniff the glass to verify that it is filled with alcohol.

The Effect: Everyone present takes turns switching around the shot glasses until there's no way for anyone to know which glass is where. Finally, the performer begins eliminating the water shots one by one... until the final shot is saved for himself. A quick sniff of the glass verifies that it's vodka, which is quickly downed by the performer.

The Method: behind the bar (or hidden nearby) is a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. By rubbing your hand on it, anything you hold with that hand will appear to smell like alcohol... which is important because during the setup, the vodka bottle is filled with only water. Because all the shot glasses have water in them, it doesn't matter how they are shuffled, or which ones they pick. No matter which shot remains at the end, it can be held out to a volunteer, who will smell it and verify that it's vodka. And since you drink the shot at the end, you eliminate the evidence!

Special thanks to the brilliant magician Andrew Mayne for this idea. It's found in his book Mind FX, and available along with a lot of other bad ass magic at