Predict any game of tic tac toe!!!

Use MIND CONTROL to force a game of tic tac toe!

This week we've got another gem from the brilliant mind of Martin Gardner: It's a totally fair game of tic tac toe... But at the end, you reveal that you had PREDICTED the exact placement of all the x's and o's!

The setup: Before the trick, make a prediction with a tic tac toe board that looks like this:




Set the prediction off to the side, and start playing tic tac toe (make sure you take the center square with x)

The rules: as you start playing, let them mark "o" anywhere they want, but on your turn, follow these rules:

-if they pick a corner, select the next box CLOCKWISE.

-if they pick a side box, select the next box COUNTERCLOCKWISE


As long as you follow these rules, the final result will match your prediction!