Stuff It, Brian!

Watch Brian go from scammer to "scam-ee" as his pals Andrew Mayne and Justin Robert Young try to predict how many cocktail napkins he can stuff in his piehole.

This week special guests Andrew Mayne and Justin Robert Young of the Weird Things podcast join us with a killer 2-for-1 trick. Not only do you get to punk your friends, but you'll totally fool them as well!

Setup: challenge your friend to stuff as many napkins in his mouth as possible (while still being safe). Before they begin, promise you're going to make a prediction of what the final number will be by sending your friend a text (which they can verify has arrived either by tone or vibration). With their phone still face down, let them run wild and stuff as many as they can...

Effect: ...when they finally run out of steam, take note of how many napkins they ended up with and then reveal your texted prediction: "You will have a very dry mouth." They'll probably be pissed and feel like a fool, but their annoyance will turn to amazement when you turn over the very next napkin to reveal a handwritten prediction "you will stop on number 27"...the exact number they stopped on!

Method: The first part is a nasty prank, but it also serves an important function of acting as a red herring. Because the sucker thinks the prediction is on the phone, they'll pay no attention to the napkins they're stuffing in their face. And because of that, they'll never notice that each of the napkins they're eating has another prediction written on its back. simply label the 10th through 30th napkins with "you will stop on 23", "you will stop on 24" etc, and place them back in the stack.

After they've gone through the first 10 napkins, start picking them up and wadding them up as you push them into their mouth. That way there's no chance for them to see the other predictions. when you get to the end, hold the final napkin in one hand, while flipping over the full stack in the other. That way, when they see the prediction, they'll also see that it's the only one in the stack labeled that way!