How to Rip a Phonebook in Half!

The tables are turned on Brian, as he is the student learning from the ultimate master of strength!

Psst... want the secret to becoming the WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN? Yes? Sweet. The secret is...

...hard work and years of training.

I know. It's disappointing. But that's only because you asked the wrong question:

If you were crafty enough to ask "What's the secret to LOOKING like the world's strongest man, but without any actual training or effort?" then you, my friend would have what it takes to enter "Strength School."

Welcome to the first of many episodes that will teach you how to FAKE your way into (almost) duplicating the feats of the world's strongest men. Your guest co-host and teacher is a former world-champion armwrestler and 100% genuine strongman: Dennis Rogers. Dennis has appeared on dozens of TV shows, holds numerous world records, and has been called "pound for pound, the world's strongest man."

...and lucky for us, he gets ticked off by all the strong-man fakers out there. Ticked off enough to share the secrets used by cheaters to fake authentic strongman feats.

In today's episode, we're going to learn how to prepare phonebooks and playing cards by baking them... making them brittle enough that even a weakling (like the host of "Scam School") could tear them apart with his bare hands.


Oh, and if you actually want to BE strong, make sure to check out Dennis's instructional DVD's at He has trained thousands of people to develop phenomenal grip strength, and (probably) can do the same for you as well!

More Strength School Episodes are coming in a few weeks!

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