We give you the power of Telekinesis!

Make everyone believe you can move an object with your freakin' mind!


EFFECT: a straw is placed on a salt shaker, and moved with your mind

METHOD: No, you don't blow on it, and neither does anyone else. You use static electricity, and a diabolically clever way to charge the straw: simply pinch down tightly on the straw wrapper as you slide it off of the straw...there's no need to rub the straw on anything. This mere action will sufficiently charge the straw to stick to the salt shaker, and will cause the straw (as seen in the video), and over a surprising distance, the straw will be pulled in circles.

For an even more remote movement, charge a second straw just like you did the first, and point it at the first straw. The straws are repulsive to each other, and it will feel like you're casting some kind of fast food spell.

Remember when performing this, though, that less is more. If you just move the straw once or twice, you'll have a miracle. More than that, and they'll know exactly what you're up to.

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