Lucky Cork

The lucky cork!

This week, we've got a short and sweet gem, guaranteed to win you a free drink:

The setup: grab some wine corks (either real or synthetic) and set up a simple challenge: from a height of at least one cork, drop your cork and have it land on the narrow (circular) side. To win the free beer (and to Prove it's skill, not luck) you need to pull it off 2-3 times out of 10.

Sounds easy right?

In fact, they don't have a chance. Just about everyone will drop the cork from a vertical position, and when it lands, it will bounce haphazardly.

To pull off the stunt yourself, hold the cork horizontally exactly one cork length above the table, and release. When the cork hits (parallel to the table), it will bounce and twist just enough to land on it's narrow circular side! **note: for synthetic corks, you'll need to drop them from a higher position... Practice a bit and you'll figure it out.

The method: While this looks like a completely new effect, the method is one familiar to long-time viewers of Scam School: back in episode 25, we taught you all about the key card, and now you have a killer trick to use with! Follow all the process exactly as detailed above, only before you swap decks, make sure to note the bottom card in the deck (your key card). When each of you cut to a random card, pay no attention to your card, but instead keep thinking of your key card. Finally, when you get back your original deck, run through the cards, locate your key, and then pull out the card underneath it (which will be their card). And just like that, you've got a miracle!