Bondage for Fun and Profit!

Like tying people up and watching them squirm? This scam is for you.

Here's the scam: get two marks. Tie the first one's wrists together manacle-style with a rope. Tie their wrists loosely "for their comfort," but tell them they can't take the rope off their wrists. Tie the second mark's wrists together, linking his rope with the first one's. Challenge them to unlink themselves without untying the ropes.

With any luck, your marks will try all sorts of Twister-style moves to get themselves unhitched. With a little more luck, a large crowd will gather and laugh at their tomfoolery. Bonus points awarded if someone videos it and uploads it to Youtube.

The solution is simple, yet devious. Remember how you tied their wrists loosely? All they have to do is thread the rope through the wrist hole, and Poof! freedom.