We Discover the Dark Lord of the Scam!

Science pranks send bar items flying!

This week we've got two easy tricks guaranteed to get a reaction from your friends:

WARNING: both of these involve fire, so be CERTAIN to take proper safety precautions!

Straw Rocket: Take a bottle of tequila, gin, or vodka, and leave only about a half teaspoon of alcohol in the bottom. Seal the bottle and heat it up (for example, in a dishwasher). SLOWLY open the cap and insert a straw that's been cross-pierced with a toothpick (as seen in the episode). finally, drop in a match and... WHIPOW!!! Instant straw rocket!

Napkin Rocket: This one's super simple... fold a napkin into four vertical segments, and "roll" it into a triangular tube. Set this tube up vertically on the table and light it from the top on all 3 sides. After it burns down to the bottom, the rising hot air will cause all the ashes to rise 10-15 feet toward the ceiling!