Favorite Pool Hall Tricks!

This week we've got a boatload of pool hall favorites!

First up: start playing a simple game of 8-ball with your friends... about halfway through the game, offer an alternative face-off: if your friend can clear every ball off the table without scratching once, you'll buy him a beer. If he scratches, he owes you a beer. Fair enough? Let him play through the whole table, eventually getting down to just the cue ball... at which point you remind him of your bargain: if your friend can clear *every ball* off the table without scratching once, you'll buy him a beer... and there's no way to clear off the cue ball without scratching!

Next: set up one ball (we'll say the six) on the bumper of the table, supported by two other balls. Bet your friend he can't hit the six without touching either of the other two balls... after several attempts, tell him you'll be able to do it. When it's your turn, gently hit the six forward, and during its journey across the table, use your hip to bump the table. This will jostle the balls just enough to drop the six-ball down so it's the only one hit.

All this, plus a bonus feat of strength on this week's scam school!