Get the girls phone number

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Get the girls phone number

Cheap Trick to Scam her Phone Number

This week we've got special guest Chris Lesinski to share his never-miss cheap trick to impress the girls and score phone numbers!

The Setup: Grab a coaster, and ask your mark to write down her phone number without showing you... next, have her also write down several other fake numbers in a circle all the way around the coaster.

Once it's full of fake numbers, examine the coaster and reveal her *real* phone number!

The Method: This is devilishly clever-- before you give her the ball-point pen, run the tip over some lip balm (or in a pinch, use some grease off your face or nose). This grease will cause a characteristic drag as the first digit is written... find that drag, and you now know the first number written... which happens to be the real one.