Olive Snifter

This week, it's a super-simple puzzle that STILL fry's 'em every time.

The Setup: place 2 napkins a decent length apart (even better, have them on different tables!). Grab a brandy snifter and an olive.

The Challenge: without touching or moving the landing pads, use the snifter to pick up the olive from launchpad A, and safely deposit him onto launchpad B. No touching anything except the snifter, and the olive must take off from the one pad, and land on the other.

The Work: there's virtually no chance that they can scoop up the olive without moving the launchpad... unless you hold the snifter upside down and start rolling it in a circle with your hand. This will keep momentum on the olive moving in a circle, and allow you lift the olive off the ground without ever turning the snifter right side up!