UNBEATABLE Number Puzzles

Hate math? You'll hate it even more after you try to solve these impossible puzzles!

This week, we have 3 unbeatable math puzzles... that don't involve math! Well, maybe just a little math.

-Puzzle the first: Add one, and only one, line to the equation 5+5+5=550 and make it true.

-Question B: Use one number 3 times to add up to 60. The solution CANNOT be 20+20+20=60.

-The last one: Make a true statement using the following numbers and symbols once and only once: 2, 3, 4, 5, +, =

Assignments are due at the end of class. Please show your work.

Many thanks to Michael Barlow, Joe Mattigan, and Jeffrey Cohen for sending us these brain-busters!