2 ways to scam your friends... with no objects at all!

Cheat your friends with an unbeatable game!

First and foremost: mega-thanks to Scott Cram and Lee Blackburn for sending in this week's crooked game... well done!

We've covered a number of variations of the game "nim", but none as clever as today's scams. We present not one, but TWO variations on nim, both of which can be played with no objects whatsoever!

The Race to 100:

The Rules: starting at 1, players race to hit 100 first by adding 1-10 to the current running total.

The Scam: as with our other version of nim, you can hit "pole positions" that guarantee you a win. In this game, just make sure you add enough to land on 12, 23, 34, 45, 56, 67, 78, and 89. Once you're in the groove, just keep hitting those pole positions and you'll automatically win!

Calendar Nim:

The Rules: starting at January 1st, players take turns *either* increasing the number of the day, *or* the number of the month (but not both in any one turn). First one to land on December 31st wins. The Scam: in this case the pole positions are: 1/20, 2/21, 3/22, 4/23, 5/24, 6/25, 7/26, 8/27, 9/28, 10/29, and 11/30. No matter what the other player does, you'll always be able to hit one of these pole positions on your next turn. An easy way to remember the pole positions on calendar nim is to subtract the number of the month from the number of the day... you should always get 19.