An Easy Mix Match Card Trick

This week, a card effect that requires no dexterity or skill whatsoever, and (best of all), uses only 10 cards out of the deck!

Effect: 5 pairs of matching cards are shuffled and thoroughly mixed...yet by the end, they've all been properly matched with their mate.

Method: pull out 5 pairs of matched cards (that is, both cards with the same value and color). Arrange them in a repeating pattern, such as "A, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, 2, 3, 4, 5", and start cutting the deck repeatedly (remember: cutting the deck does not change the order of the cards, only where the break in them is). Finally, split the cards into two even piles, and turn one of them face up (while the other stays face down).

Now, pick up either pile, and begin moving cards from the top to the bottom, as you spell out the words "Last. Two. Cards. Match." At the end of each word, remove the top two cards from each pile and set them together. BONUS: as you're doing this, allow your audience to shout "switch" at any time. When they do so, set down the pack you're holding, and continue the effect with the other pack (...they can say "switch" as often as they like, and the effect will still work).

By the end of your effect, you should have 5 pairs of cards on the table, each with one face up, and another face down. For your grand finale, reveal that it?s not just the last two cards that match, but ALL FIVE PAIRS!

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