Psychic Matchbooks

3 simple matchbooks for a mental miracle and an easy free drink!

Effect: three matchbooks are set in front of the mark. While you turn around (or even leave the room!), he's invited to grab any matchbook and sneakily remove one match from anywhere, and replace the matchbook on the exact same place.

Once you turn back around, you pick up each matchbook and weigh it in the palm of your hand. After holding up each one in turn, you boldly (and correctly) reveal which matchbook is missing a match!

Method: weight has nothing to do with it :-) instead, while you're pretending to feel for a baseline weight, you're actually pushing the matchbook cover tightly into the flap at the base. Once all three covers are firmly pushed in, you're set.

After theyve picked out a match and you've turned back around, "weigh" them again, but this time, apply slight movement with your thumb on the matchbook cover and you'll be able to tell which ones are still firmly pressed in, and which one is loose from having been opened by the sucker!