The Ultimate Magician Fooler

The Ice Breaker himself - aka Rich Ferguson - is back with a card trick that even fooled Brian!

This week Rich Ferguson is back with a KILLER card trick, guaranteed to melt the brains of even talented magicians... and the best part? It takes no sleight-of-hand skills, whatsoever!

The Setup:

Start by pulling out all the 6's and 7's from your deck, and set up the top of the deck so that every other card is a 6 or a 7. Have your friend cut the cards into two piles. Spread the bottom pile and ask him to choose any card. As you spread through, count off six cards and keep them in your right hand. Wherever they pick their card from, make sure it's returned in the gap underneath the six cards in your right hand (so it's 7th from the top).

Square up the cards in this pack, and have your friend sit on them... here's the part where it gets good.

Pick up the top half of the deck, and begin to deal face down, one card at a time. Let your friend tell you to stop any time he or she likes. Now here's the important part: as you deal down, keep track of whether the card you're setting down is a random card (nope), or a 6 or 7 (yep). ...This should be easy to do since every other card is a 6 or 7.

The Scam:

no matter where they stop you as you deal out cards, you're set to totally fry them... if they stop on a random card, turn over the next one (a 6 or 7). If they stop on a 6 or 7, you're good. Show that the card before, and the card after would have been totally different. Then pull out the pack of cards they picked from before.

if the card stopped on was a six, deal down six cards from the 2nd pile and turn over the 7th card... their selected card! If the stopped-on card is a seven, then just deal down and show that the seventh card is theirs!