Another Short Con with a Magic Bill

We've covered a few magic tricks, and we've covered a few street crimes. This episode we're going to combine the two and get a magic trick that acts as a smokescreen for an actual crime.

We introduce the Magic Bill!

Effect: Being friendly at the bar, you show a trick to your waitress: A Large bill is taken from the register, signed, and then burned to ashes. Miraculously, the signed bill materializes inside the register. You're a hero!

Method: a simple switch of bills is made before the burn, and the original bill is handed off to an accomplice. While you're putting on the show (and taking your time burning the bill), at the other side of the bar the accomplice spends the bill to purchase a drink. This has the effect of not only getting the original bill back into the register, but also getting a large amount of change out of the register (not to mention a free drink, to boot).

Read that again: not only does this magic trick amaze the bartender, it swipes money right out of the register!

This con can be performed with any denomination of bill (even a hundred), though smaller bills (like twenty) will be less conspicuous.

Oh yeah: Plus, it's illegal!

Scam School Homework!

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3. Watch "Matchstick Men" starring Nicolas Cage. You'll learn some short-term lottery cons as well as watch the characters develop a long con.

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