It's Time To Get All Tangled up!

Impress the girl by linking her own hair bands!

No matter where you are, it helps to know a couple of sweet tricks you can do with totally borrowed objects... and this week we've got one on loan from world champion magician Michael Ammar!

The Setup: borrow two hair bands from any two girls, and hook them onto your index fingers and pinkies.

The Effect: after reaching forward and rubbing two bands together... your mark is shocked to find the two rubber bands completely linked! the effect is repeated and both bands are shown to be completely ungimmicked.

the method: the method to this one is all in the setup: follow the instructions in the video, and it will LOOK like the bands are simply hooked on your fingers, when they're actually crossed over each other in a way that makes the effect possible. when the mark rubs the bands, they effectively provide their own cover allowing you to pull off the "linking" and "unlinking" effects.

HUGE thanks to Michael Ammar for sharing this gem with us. If you like this effect, make sure to pick up his new volume of the Magical Arts Journal at, chock-full of killer routines like this one!