How to CHEAT and Be a Lie Detector!

Can you guess what card your friend picked out of a deck by putting them through a bizarre interrogation? Maybe - or you can try this much easier and much more devious method!

The Setup:

Couldn't be simpler. A borrowed deck of cards is totally shuffled, and a random card is selected. There's no marked cards, no forces, and the sucker truly does have a free choice of their card. Next, you begin asking a series of questions about their card, about which they can choose to lie or tell the truth... amazingly, it doesn't matter what they say, as you're ALWAYS able to tell when they're lying!

The Scam:

Everything here is window dressing. You don't have to know the first thing about spotting a liar, you just need to know their card... which is why you use a "shiner."

A shiner is any shiny object that can be used to catch the reflection of a card... it could be a cup of black coffee, a silver lighter, or (in this case) your cell phone. By leaving your cell phone on the table, when you spread the cards out in front of your sucker, you'll be able to see the reflections from underneath... allowing you to know their card before even THEY do!