Learn the Kung-Fu Match Trap Scam!

From Scam School fan "Cowboy" in the UK, comes the most insidious, diabolical, GENIUS prank Brian has seen since the quarter-on-forehead scam!

Brian has loved this one since the moment he first tried it, but be warned: you'll need to pick the right person to pull this one on.

Get a box of matches that has striking surfaces on each side. Pull out three matches, and have your victim hold two of them (match-head side down) pinched against each side of the matchbox. Balance the third match across the tops of the two pinched matches.

THE CHALLENGE: promise your friend that you'll buy him a beer if he can "karate chop" the balanced match, using just one finger.

THE BLOWOFF: It won't matter if he pulls it off or not, because the moment he strikes at the top match, the downward force will cause one (or both) of the pinched matches to strike! and even better, after pinching them for so long, he'll find that the burning match is stuck to his thumb or forefinger!

WARNING: you will absolutely burn your victim pulling this trick. Plus, he may fling a burning match into someplace highly flammable. At the very least, you will owe your friend/enemy a beer, and at the very worst, you will burn down your house and get your ass kicked. So... use with caution. And adult supervision. And make sure it's a cautious adult that's supervising you. In fact, now that I think about it... you probably should never do this one. Forget that you ever saw it.

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