"Couple" of Puzzles

This week we've got two match puzzles that should leave them stumped!

Puzzle 1: You've got two pieces; a bucket filled with a couple of matches, and a "tent" made from the unwrapped outer cover of a matchbox. The Challenge: get the tent over the matches without touching anything, and without leaving your seat.

The solution: You can't blow the tent over the bucket of matches without accidentally moving everything else around. So instead, cup your hand and blow into it, pushing the bucket of matches TOWARD YOU, safely under the tent!

Puzzle 2: start with a simple 2x2 square made of matches. The Challenge: to cut the square into two, perfectly equal sides with exactly the same shape... using 4 matches.

The Solution: there's not enough room for all 4 matches to directly bisect the square, so you need to use a zig-zag pattern as shown in the episode... enjoy!