The Indestructable Dollar

How do you poke a pen through a dollar bill without leaving a hole? To show us how this mind-blowing sleight of hand works, Brian gets some help from magician Rich Ferguson.

This week we're joined by total badass Rich Ferguson (creator of the awesome iPhone calculator trick in episode 153) with an unbelievable trick you can do anytime, anywhere... even surrounded!

The Setup: Grab a business card, playing card, or coaster and fold it in half. Place a bill from your wallet inside, pulling the outer flap down. Finally, place a pen, knife, or any other stabby implement in the center of the bill.

The Trick: Have your friend stab the pen down, all the way through the bill and card... pull it though and show the hole right through the middle of the bill and card. Finally: open up the card to show the bill totally restored, while the card remains torn!

The method: It couldn't be simpler. Watch the episode to learn how to make a special "trap door" in your bill... it's undetectable to your friends, but you can use it to fry their brains!

For this and MANY more of Rich's awesome tricks, check out his book "Tricks to Pick up Chicks" and visit his website at!