Be a Pool Shark!

It's crazy to say it, but we're a year into Scam School, and only now are getting around to addressing one of the biggest, most popular items in any bar: the pool table.

Brian's Disclaimer: I'll be honest, I'm not the best pool player. Hell, I'm not even what most would call "acceptable". But I have learned a couple of cool tricks and sucker bets to use at the pool table.

line up three pool balls right in front of a side pocket. About 6 inches back, place the 8-ball. Finally set up the cue ball behind the 8-ball, and make the following claim: with only a single tap of the cue ball, you'll be able to sink ALL THREE pool balls, WITHOUT anything touching the 8-ball.

Let them try it as much as they want. They'll try jumping the 8-ball or banking off the side rails, all to no avail. And once they've declared it "impossible", prove them wrong...

THE placing the triangle around the 8-ball, lining the corner up with the first of the three balls in a row. Now, with just a simple tap, the cue ball hits the triangle, the triangle sinks the three balls...all without anything touching the 8-ball