How to Magically Bend a Horseshoe With Your Bare Hands!

Watch Brian make you think he can use his bare hands to bend a horseshoe and to roll a frying pan!

Welcome to your Junior year of Strength School, our third special episode, designed to teach you how to FAKE your way into (almost) duplicating the feats of the world's strongest men. As before, your guest co-host and teacher is a former world-champion arm wrestler and 100% genuine strongman: Dennis Rogers. Dennis has appeared on dozens of TV shows, holds numerous world records, and has been called "Pound for pound, the world's strongest man".

...and lucky for us, he gets ticked off be all the strong-man fakers out there. Ticked off enough to share the secrets used by cheaters to fake authentic strongman feats.

In today's episode, we'll not only see new feats from Dennis, but use nefarious means to show how YOU can (almost) duplicate his feats!

Oh, and if you actually want to BE strong, make sure to check out Dennis' instructional DVD's at He has trained thousands of people to develop phenomenal grip strength, and (probably) can do the same for you as well!

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