The Vanishing Card Trick

Learn how to make a card vanish and land in the most unlikely location.

Effect: A card is randomly selected, vanishes from the deck, and appears inside your shoe!

Secret: this one's a really killer effect, but takes just a little bit of work to set up properly. Start by picking out a face card (we used the jack of hearts), and put some doublestick tape over the busy part of the design. Place this card on the bottom of the deck, and a duplicate of the same card (from another pack) inside your shoe. You're ready to go.

To select the card, start running through the cards, pulling them off the top of the deck (as shown in the episode... this is the part that will take just a little bit of practice). When your mark says "stop," show him the bottom card of the deck (the one with your doublestick tape). After he's got it memorized, drop the cards back on to the pack (sticking your gimmicked face card to the next card down).

Next, spread all the cards to reveal their card to be missing... and finally, pull off your shoe, reach inside, and reveal their selected card!

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