Scam Hot Ladies at the Bar (Part 2)!

A while back, we taught you the importance of using easy, beatable puzzles to keep girls talking to you at the bar. Our Holiday gift to you is another set of "getting the girl" routines!

This episode, we're taking your approach to the next level by giving you THREE routines that involve touch, while still making the girl the center of attention! See Episode 16 for the original set of "ice breakers".


Effect: no matter how hard they try to hide it, the inner thoughts of your new ladyfriend are revealed through a magic pendulum.

Secret: Tie something heavy to a string, or thread a ring onto a necklace. Have your friend hold the pendulum even with their chest, and make sure their arms aren't resting on anything. Tell them that "yes" will be indicated by the pendulum swinging in a straight line forward and backward, and that "no" will be indicated by it swinging in a circle.

Here's the amazing part: Tell them to keep their hands still, and only think of the "yes" and "no" motions. Whichever movement they are thinking of will occur, even though they're holding the string still! This is called the ideomotor response: whatever people visualize, we make small, micromuscular movements in accordance with. We don't consciously recognize these movements, but when they are amplified over the distance of the pendulum, they become a surprising effect we can see. This is the core principle behind all forms of dowsing, and makes a pretty amazing trick.


Effect: Have your new friend hold two fists out in front of her, and ask her to focus intensely on one of them. Without her ever saying anything, you're able to correctly guess which hand she's thinking of.

Secret: Wait until you're convinced she's intensely thinking of just one hand, then ask her a simple "yes" question. When she nods, her nose should turn ever-so-slightly toward the fist that she's thinking of. (remember, this one's not 100%, so have another one cued up and ready to go in case of failure).


Effect: A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. Simply by muscle reading, you're able to tell her which card belongs to her.

Secret: This is simply a re-dressing of the exact method used in Episode 25 (The Key Card). Review the episode and put your own take on this alternate presentation!