Read FIVE MINDS at Once!

How do you dupe five people into thinking you can read their minds? By correctly guessing which card they've MENTALLY chosen! Watch and learn ...

This week we have an amazing 5-way miracle from MisMag822 on YouTube! Make sure to check out his new website:

Effect: a pack of shuffled cards is dealt into 5 poker hands. Each player shuffles up their cards and mentally selects one of them. As the cards are returned, they're shuffled together, then re-dealt into five face up hands. Each player then picks up a hand containing their mentally-chosen card, yet our scam-artist correctly guesses EACH of their mentally chosen cards!

Secret: Everything's totally fair here, with the exception that you start by placing 5 key cards on top of the deck (for example the numbers 1-5 of clubs). The First dealing of the cards makes sure that each of your victims will receive one of the 5 key cards, each one corresponding to their position around you. When the cards are selected, make sure only to shuffle them within blocks of 5... that way you won't know whose cards are where, but you will know that each block of five cards contains exactly one of their key cards.

When the cards are dealt into face-up hands, the key cards will indicate which position in the piles belongs to each player. For example: if player 1 points to pile B, immediately scan around the piles for the ace of clubs. If the ace of clubs is in position #1 of its pile, then player 1's card will be in position one of pile B. When player 2 points to pile D (for example), scan around for the 2 of clubs. When you find it, notice which position it's in: if the 2 of clubs is in position #3 (no matter which pile), that means that player 2's card will be in position #3 of pile D!