Fast and Loose

This game goes by a bunch of names: "fast and loose," "pricking the garter," "the endless chain," "the strap..." The object is simple: a chain is laid in a figure-eight configuration. One of the holes is the true center of the chain and will hold "fast," while the other will not hold, and is instead "loose".

The Setup: Setup as a guessing game, it's supposed to match the wits of the "thrower" against the "guesser." If the guesser chooses the side that holds fast, he wins.

Like most great con games, "Fast and Loose" actually offers zero chance for the player to win. With a carefully executed throw, the chain is laid in what looks like a legit figure eight, but in fact NEITHER of the two sides holds fast... (in real games of fast and loose, shills would "win" from time to time, just to keep players convinced it was fair).

Now you can follow in the footsteps of great con men, by taking your friends with this classic scam.