How to predict the future using dominoes!

It's true: you can never have too much money, have too many friends, or know too many ways to predict the freaking future.

This week's effect uses a full set of dominoes, which means it's not exactly an "any time, any where" slam dunk. But if you file away this method, next time you see a set around, you can blow your friends away.

EFFECT: The mark shuffles all the dominoes, picks any domino to start, and then begins to create a long domino chain (matching ends, as they would when playing dominoes). Despite the fact that he has complete freedom of choice, you will have correctly predicted the two numbers appearing at either side of the chain.

Why?: because a complete set of dominos will make a circle when totally played out. By removing one domino, you're predetermining where the break in the circle will come, allowing you to "predict" what numbers will be on each end!

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