Dimes in a Shotglass

How many dimes fit in a shotglass full of water? The number may amaze you!

This week, we have two family-friendly gags. For the first, we challenge our marks to guess how many dimes can fit in a shotglass full of water. Hint: it's way more than you'd think. This one isn't really a scam per se, but here's one idea on how to turn it into one. Bet some poor chump that you can fit more dimes in a water-filled shotglass than he can. Make sure your shotglass is full of pure water, and slip the tiniest drop of soap into his. The big factor in this scam is surface tension. The surface tension in your shotglass will let the water bulge out before finally spilling. Adding soap to his glass lowers the surface tension of his water, guaranteeing that you will reign supreme.

Our second gag definitely won't win you any free beer, but it might work as a pick-up line. Take a dollar bill and fold it down the center of George Washington's face. Then make vertical folds at the corners of his mouth. if you look at it from the right angles, George will either frown or smile. "Hi, pretty lady. don't you want to make George happy and go home with this nice man? Ohhh, drinks in the face make George sad..."