Dan Martin's Match Trick

A new take on an old-time match trick

If you're looking to become the center of attention, you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve. Grabbing attention with a "freebie" magic trick is a solid first step towards scamming a free beer, breaking the ice, or getting a girl's phone number. So this week, we offer a solid magic trick courtesy of our friend Dan Martin.

For those that learned the match vanish in the "From the Forums" episode, Dan's match trick is the perfect chance to perform the effect: a match is freely selected, vanishes, and appears inside the box. Classic!

Remember that the key to this effect is keeping everything as fair as possible. Let the marks count the matches. Let them pick the magic match. Let them keep the matchbox secure as possible. The more they're involved, the more impressed they'll be that you were able to sneak that match back in.

Thanks again to Dan Martin for lending us this effect, and make sure to check out his website at martinmagic.com