Dan Martin Vanishing Coin Trick

Quickly and easily teleport a coin!

This week, we're back with Dan Martin who shares with us a quick-and-dirty method to make a coin vanish from one hand and appear in the other.

Method: it's all in the placement of the coins in the hand. If you place a coin in the center of your palm and slam your hand down on the table, the coin will stay put and slam itself straight down. If you place the coin on your first two fingers and repeat the move however, the coin will fling itself down towards the table, bounce once, and land in your other hand.

If you place one coin in each hand (one in the palm, one on the fingers), and slam both hands down on the table almost simultaneously, the coin from one of your hands will sneak itself amost invisibly under the other... Try it! once you get it down the trick will almost fool yourself!