The Assassination Mind Reading Trick!

Use this mental miracle to keep your friends from betraying you...

This week, we've got 2 for 1: A collection of twisted trivia questions and a killer mindreading trick...

First off:
- Which is farther West? Reno, NV or Los Angeles, CA?
- (Check your maps: Reno is farther West!)

Sports question:
- Who was the first black professional baseball player?
- (Surprisingly, it's not Jackie Robinson, but Moses Fleetwood Walker! He played decades before the race barrier was established)

American history:
- Who was the first American in space?
- (Most people answer John Glenn, but he was the first American to ORBIT the moon...
- Alan Shepard was the first American in space!)

Use any of these trivia tricks to get your friends to pour your beers - for you from your Coors light home tap.