Crack the Government Conspiracy!

Brian hangs out with the crew from CO-OP and schools them on how to uncover a conspiracy theory!

Effect:No matter how secluded your location, no matter how fairly a card is selected, a mysterious third party can be called and will immediately reveal the selected card.

Method In this case, we called the third party "The Government," though you could easily call him "the wizard" or even "the devil." This trick uses no spies, no technology, can be done from anywhere, and the method is diabolically simple.

Get a friend to play the part of "the government," and work out a simple code with before hand: whenever you call, your friend will answer not with "yes?" or "hello?", but simply by slowly calling out the suits in a deck of cards: ÒclubsÉ" The moment you hear the correct suit of the selected card, say "Yes, hello? Is the government there?" that will indicate the correct suit to your accomplice. Next, heÕll start with "ace...two...three..." and as soon as you hear the right value, say "Hello, Government? Here he is," and hand over the phone.

At this point, feel free to ham it up or take things in an interesting direction...and get ready to enjoy their reaction when you reveal that the chosen card was already the government!

Many thanks to Cesar, Jason and Rob for hanging out with the Scam School crew! Don't forget to check out CO-OP on Revision3!

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