How to Cut a Lime in half with a cigarette!

This week we've got an unbelievable stunt that allegedly comes from no less than the Texas State Prison system! Thanks to Chuck Savage who sent in the following:

The Setup: Grab a cigarette. Grab a lime. (both should be in ample supply at the bar).

The Challenge: use the cigarette to cut the lime in half. No fingernails, and no other tools can touch the lime.

The reveal: soak your fingers in some cold icewater (you'll understand why in a bit). Put the cigarette in your mouth BACKWARDS, and light the filter. While the filter burns, pinch the melting fiberglass (or whatever it is) into the sharp shape of a scalpel. This will put out the flame, and, once cooled, will create a very hard, plenty sharp cutting surface for your lime!

Once you've made your "knife," simply cut through the rind along the equator of your lime. Once you make the cut all around, it should easily tear in half!