Scam your way into anything panel (part 2), plus bonus Q&A!

The second half of Brian's "Scam your way into anything" panel record from SXSW Interactive!

In tis second half, you'll learn about:

Openers, Tweeners, and Closers: the three types of scam school effects, and how to use them with the "Liking" and "Reciprocation" Fixed Action Patterns from last week's episode.

You'll learn about the "Authority" fixed actionpattern, and how to take advantage of it without saying a word.

You'll also learn how to (hypothetically) get past a bouncer and into a bar, how Brian scammed his way into a SXSW panel, and you'll get to see a demonstration of using situational awareness to get inside someone's mind.

Oh, and bonus: you'll get to see 20 minutes of picking Brian's brain with Q&A!

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