Scam your way into anything! (Brian's SXSW panel part 1)

Get ready to learn how to scam your way into anything, or anyone!

Here it is! The first half of Brian's standing-room-only panel at South by Southwest Interactive, titled "Social Engineering: Scam your way into anything or from Anybody".

In this first half, you'll learn about:

Fixed Action Patterns

Three psychological "back doors" that leave us open to manipulation: How to use above to steal, cheat, defraud, and get out of speeding tickets.

You'll see demonstration using psychological manipulation, verbal duplicity, and outright deception to manufacture a specific outcome (translation: really kick ass ESP trick)

And most importantly, you'll learn how to take advantage of Fixed Action Patterns including "Liking", "Reciprocation", and (later on) "Authority".

If you're interested in learning more about these topics, make sure to check out Dr. Robert Cialdini's excellent book, "Influence", which covers many of these ideas in detail.

Don't forget to submit your Scam School Domain Smack! Play along and have Brian introduce your Domain Smack in a future episode! Find out more at