Look Like a Mathlete - It's MATHEMAGIC!

Fool your friends into thinking you're a math whiz! With this simple trick, you can add up 10 numbers in your head way faster than a calculator.

FAKE looking like you're SMART!

This week you're going to look like you're brilliant, when in fact you're nothing but a big, fat liar.

Let's get started!

THE SETUP: Have your friend pick two one-digit numbers, and write them above each other at the top of the page. Have them add up those numbers and write the sum underneath. Now add up the 2nd and 3rd number to get a 4th, and so on until you have a list of 10 numbers (none of which you could have known in advance).

THE CHALLENGE: He's armed with a calculator, and you're armed with nothing but your mind. Propose a race. Whoever can add up the numbers fastest gets a free beer. Imagine your friend's surprise when you get an answer almost instantly, SMOKING him in the challenge!

THE TRICK: By adding these numbers in a predictable sequence (the last two numbers always added up to create the next), we create a Fibbonaci-like sequence of numbers, with specific properties. Among these properties is this important one: in a list of 10 numbers in this sequence, the sum will be equal to the 7th number times 11.

Multiplying a 2 digit number times 11 may sound tough, but there's a simple trick explained in the video that will make it a snap!

Major thanks go out to Curt Anderson for sharing this gem with us. Hit him up at http://magicurt.com!