Use 6 Coins to get 1 FREE Drink!

Brian introduces a new diabolical coin puzzle to stump your friends.

As you know by now, you've got three types of scans to pull at the bar: openers (to grab their attention), stingers (to keep their focus on you), and sinkers (these are the "no win" bets and puzzles that finally transform that goodwill into free drinks).

The more sinkers you have in your back pocket, the better. After all, you never know when someone might have seen your previous work. You've got to have enough options to adapt, to and situation, which is why today we're learning a new, diabolical coin puzzle, called "six coins, one beer"!

The Setup: Arrange six quarters in a triangle; three at the base, two in the middle, one on top. The challenge is to arrange the quarters in a circle, while adhering to the same rules we used in Episode 2: (1) you can only move one quarter at a time, (2) no pushing other quarters, and (3) every time you let go of a quarter, it must be touching the two other quarters.

Now if we stopped right there, it'd be a pretty simple puzzle. Most people can figure it out in 5 minutes or so. But the part that totally defeated me was rule number 4: you must be able to solve the puzzle in ONLY FOUR MOVES.

Watch the episode for the's pretty killer.

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