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Get 'amped up' as our Nikola Telsa wannabes experimenting with all things electricity. This episode has everything from lightning-bolt-emitting Tesla coils and high voltage can crushers to static electricity and homemade stun guns. Attention all Joe Genius animal lovers: Watch for a cat who experiences the ultimate static electricity frustration!


Watch out! These Joe Geniuses are feeling the electric vibe and their experiments might shock you!

Meet the Scientists!

"Lemon Battery" from Robert Stryczek

"These Hearts are on fire" from Rick Crammond

"Homemade stun gun experiments" from M1l1t1aone

"Flyback powered ring of death" from LaRdArms

"High Frequency Plasma Ball" from Charles Gilles aka: "Gilbondfac"

"Homemade stun gun" from FUNKYCILLER

"How to build flyback tesla coil #2" from Kristina McLaughlin

"High voltage corona wind" from Ct92404

"Close up of Jacob's Ladder-15,000 volts" from Ct92404

"100uF 5kv Can Crusher" from Bob Davis

"Tesla Guitar Demonstration" from Steve Connor

"Potato + Defibrillator Capacitor" from Tuomas Koivurova aka: Kizmox


Thursday, September 30th, 2010

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