• How We Know NASA Didn't Fake Neil Armstrong's First Steps

    Is footage of Neil Armstrong taking the first steps on the Moon fake? Nope. NASA's just really good at things.

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  • Does Sparkling Water Ruin Your Teeth?

    Studies have shown that carbonated water- also known as sparkling water- can be dangerous to your teeth, but why?


  • What Is Somaliland And Should It Be Its Own Country?

    Somaliland, a region in Africa, is fighting to be recognized as a sovereign nation. So what's stopping it from becoming its own country?

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  • LITERATURE: Leo Tolstoy

    Leo Tolstoy was one of the greatest novelists who ever lived - in part because he understood himself so well.

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  • No Ducks in This Down!

    Dr. North investigates Polartec's high tech synthetic down at San Francisco based clothing company Triple Aught Design. 

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  • Check Out NASA's Beautiful Model of the Sun's Magnetic Fields

    Although we cannot see the sun's magnetic fields, they are vital to our understanding of the solar system

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  • Why Did Our Toes Evolve To Look So Weird?

    What evolution has to say about the little baby toe -- do they even serve a purpose?


  • When Can You Be Stripped Of Your Citizenship?

    Citizenship revocation is extremely rare and reserved for the most serious offenses. So when can a country revoke your citizenship?

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  • The Most Powerful Number Puzzle

    Allison returns to reprise her role as a most formidable guest, but Brian has the ultimate caret on a stick.

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  • Sally Ride Reflects On Being The First Woman In Space

    Sally Ride made history and is an icon for space enthusiasts -- but some of the hardest challenges she faced were here on the ground

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